Blended Coffee

A coffee blend as we produce it here at the roastery can be seen almost like a recipe where we combine different flavours to strike overall balance, while producing complexity of flavour. Blends are where we create the perfect taste potential for a our specific customer demand, allowing our customers to brew it in an accessible way at home or in service.

Blended Coffee


A slight darker roasted bean, with a strong and nutty aroma. It is a blend of high quality Arabica from Central and South America, combined with a special gourmet Robusta from Asia roasted to perfection, and their result is distinctive. A very traditional Italian-style espresso very well suited to lattè and cappuccino, where its punch cuts through the milky creaminess. This richly flavoured blend also lends itself to espresso.

Single Origin


“Perfumed” melodies of samba echoing in this blend of slow-roasted Arabica beans from Brazil. High density and creaminess guarantee a nice balance on the palate, but at the same time delight the nose with its cocoa notes. A smooth, hearty espresso treat that brings you straight to the heart of espresso culture that has been a hit in the bars that line Copacabaña beach, Rio de Janeiro.

Blended Coffee


Discover the pleasure of this true Italian coffee from Napoli, in a compelling blend of quality and taste. A rich, full-bodied coffee that perfectly balances strength and finesse gives a classic deep and intense Italian espresso with a luxurious golden-brown crema. Italian coffee is an art form with many customs and traditions, and you’ll taste the difference with Intenso.

Single Origin


A strong personality and the unmistakable and creamy taste of the true espresso Italiano. A dense, velvety and creamy espresso where the sharp notes of the selected African coffee beans blend with the warm embrace of the Brazilian coffees. It is the Coffee of Champions: the Italian Coffee Petrarca.

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